Our Vision​

As a social enterprise, SFW plans to expand through its partnerships and its funding to create a model that will be sustainable for its female survivors as we grow organically. As we aim to support our survivors through financial means, one individual at the time, we would like to ensure that we can support them more sustainably. At this moment we offer them financial aid with a one-off payment where they can use the funds to assist in leaving their abusive environment and thus support them for the first part of their journey as a survivor.

Furthermore, our ultimate aim is to obtain enough SFW supporters #SFWsupporter through selling our bracelets and through our partnerships and networks. We will help them obtain jobs, increase their confidence and make them feel invaluable to themselves as well as society.


Our motto is to create a chain that passes on the act of kindness and support through people empowering other women.


The Chain of Kindness (TCK)